Seismic Data processing & Clients:

  • GPC at 2017, (ABU SENNAN 3D W. Desert, 2-Swaths 3D Test Cube)   
  • Pakistan at 2017, (Pakistan Shan processing 2D Lines, through GeoEnegy Company)


  • Dublin at 2018, West Gabal El Zeit 2D 5 test lines about 115 LKM
  • Dublin at 2018-2019, West Gabal El Zeit over Zeit Bay five (5) 2D-vintags about 279 LKM
  • GHP at 2019-2020, West Gabal El Zeit over Zeit Bay 3D concession with about 50 SqKm.


  • In January 2024, Western Desert Operating Petroleum Company (WEPCO) as on behalf of Badr Petroleum Company BPCO awarded Geophysical Services a 3D Land Provision of Seismic Data Re-processing Services (PSTMPSDM and may be Inversion) For BED-1 SITE


Seismic Data processing QC (Consultancy) & Clients:

  • Energean Oil & Gas Company at 2016, (2D 390 LKM @ West Com_Ombo Uper Egypt), the seismic data processing service has been done at PetroTrace                                  
  • Nospoco & Tri-Oean in 2017, Offshore North Sinai block, 600 SqKm 3D seismic data processing, located in the Eastern Nile delta ,63 Km NE of Port Said. Toa & Kamose  concession, the seismic data processing service has been done at Schlumberger Geosolutions (WG).                              
  • Alamein & Tharwa  at 2019, 3D INA Yidma EL Hamra 2007 about 291 sqkm, located on Western desert, the seismic data processing service has been done at Schlumberger GeoSolutions (WG).



  • Offshore Shukheir Oil Company (OSOCO) at 2020, SHUKHEIR BAY 3D OBC, about 24 sqkm, the seismic data processing service has been done at PetroTrace


 Seismic Acquisitions   QC (Consultancy) & Clients:

 Shell_Tender #C-XM-20012, Offshore Seismic Acquisition Quality Control Services, to support the Offshore Seismic Acquisition Operations with Fisheries Liaison Officer (Backup) 



Geophysical Services company provides a technical geological and geophysical courses as per our client requests.

some related courses as per the below list:

Course Title

  • Seismic Imaging.
  • Subsurface Mapping.
  • Applied Techniques in Sedimentology.
  • Core Work Shop.
  • 3D Reservoir Modeling.
  • Seismic Sequence Stratigraphy.
  • Borehole Image Interpretation.
  • Advanced Petrophysics
  • Seismic Inversion.
  • Unconventional Seismic Interpretations Using Seismic Attributes.
  • Principles seismic interpretations.
  • Seismic Processing for Interpreters.
  • seismic data acquisition and optimum survey design.
  • Practical advanced 3d seismic interpretation and seismic visualization.
  • AVO and seismic inversion.
  • Introduction Petrophysics and geological interpretations.
  • Depth conversion and velocity modeling.
  • Geological sequences stratigraphy.
  • Reservoir Analysis and Management Overview.
  • Well logs and formation evaluation.
  • Seismic reservoir characterizations.
  • Wells log and core interpretations.
  • Seismic and petrophysics integration.
  • Advanced well logs interpretation
  • Rock physics and petrophysics prediction from seismic.
  • Applied Structural Geology in Hydrocarbon Systems Analysis.
  • Clastic Exploration and Reservoir Sedimentology.

Copmanies got Courses

 - 23-25th July 2016, Collected geoscientists, Seismic Inversion AVO Analysis and Interpretation course 

                               Instructor: Mohamed Shihata

- 15-19th Jan 2017, Qarun Technical Stuff, Bore Hole Imaging Interpretaion Course 

                                Instructor:  Wael Shaalan

- 22-26th Jan 2017, Qarun Managers Stuff, Bore Hole Imaging Interpretaion Course

                                Instructor:  Wael Shaalan

 - 19-26 th March 2017, Qarun Technical Stuff, Basic Petro-Physics Course 

                                Instructor:  Bassem S. Nabawy

 - 07-11th May 2017, GPC Technical Stuff, Exploration Concepts and Structural Trap Model in Suez Rift Course

                                    Instructor: Shawky Sakran

 - 07-17th May 2017, Gupco Technical Stuff, Seismic Imaging (Time & depth) Course

                                Instructor:  Sayed Khalil

 - 14-18th May 2017, GPC Technical Stuff, Application Of Sequence Stratigraphy In Classic                                                      Reservoir Course

                                    Instructor: Shawky Sakran

  - 21-25 th May 2017, Qarun Technical Stuff, Advanced Petro-Physics Course 

                                Instructor:  Bassem S. Nabawy

  - 19-23th Nov 2017, GPC Technical Stuff, Application Of Sequence Stratigraphy In Classic                                                     Reservoir Course

                                    Instructor: Shawky Sakran

  - 19-23th Nov 2017, GPC Technical Stuff, Foraminifera Course

                                    Instructor: Gamal Ammar

   - 01-05th Apr 2018, GPC Technical Stuff, Dipmeter & Image Interpretation Course

                                    Instructor: Selim Saber

  - 22-26 Aug 2021, GPC technical stuff, Basic Seismic Data Processing Analysis

                                   Instructors: Amin Hussein & Dr. Ahmed Zakariah






  1. Seismic data Processing
  2. Seismic data Processing QC (Consultancy)
  3. Seismic Interpretation 
  4. Seismic Interpretation Consultancy
  5. Seismic Data acquisition QC (Consultancy)
  6. We are the Egyptian agency for the dGB Earth Science the creator of OpendTect seismic interpretation software.
  7. Training Courses

We are Geophysical services Consulting company that using highly strong trained and experienced local and international consultants with over 30 years of field experience in order to continuously improve and maintain high quality services for our clients worldwide.

We are providing international services for Seismic Data acquisition, Seismic data Processing and Seismic QC for land, marine and OBC acquisitions as well as Seismic Interpretation, as we are registered in the EGPC, Ganope and EGAS vendor lists on all these services.

We are providing the geophysical and geological training courses services using very high experienced instructors that can achieve the best course materials and course benefits, as well as a courses list can be provided at any time.

We use the state-of-the-art in interpretation software to monitor the electronic performance of the latest techniques for the complex subsurface solutions.

We are also the Egyptian agency for dGB Earth Sciences, dGB Earth Sciences B.V. is the creator of OpendTect, the world’s only open-source seismic interpretation system.  OpendTect is used worldwide by thousands of open-source users, thousands of academic users and hundreds of commercial users,

Awarded Project on Jan 2024

Geophysical Services company pleased to announce that Western Desert Operating Petroleum Company (WEPCO) as on behalf of Badr Petroleum Company BPCO awarded Geophysical Services a 3D Land Provision of Seismic Data Re-processing Services (PSTM, PSDM and may be Inversion) For BED-1 SITE

BED-1 Concession is located in the north central part of Abu-El-Gharadig basin in western desert, this block is located about 300 km west of Cairo.

The seismic data was merged with Northwest Abu-El-Gharadig (NEAG-02), the data NEAG part was 95 km2, the total area after merge is 411 Km2.

The BED-1 Field is consider as the oldest producing field and consists of three main producing reservoirs Kharita,Baharyia and Abu Roash



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